Untagged LAN /VLAN Name change

Hi Community;

I have a Balance Two and I would like to know how do I get my inControl to reflect a specific name for my default Lan.
I tried changing it in the Peplink Router settings which worked but they do not reflect in inControl.
I understand that you need to change it in inControl to reflect in the Balance Two but I am not able to find out how.
There are two screenshots attached. One is from Balance Two router and the other from inControl


Engineering team team have reviewed this and we will improve this in coming InControl 2.9.1 release.

Edited : The correct version is 2.9.1. (Current InControl2 version 2.9.0)


I was wondering the purpose of default untagged lan in InControl2. You can’t change the name or it’s IP.

So I left it disabled and leave the untagged lan config on the device.