Unplugging WAN causes LAN connection to break

Just tried using new balance 20 on my office network (windows server 2003). I successfully configured each of the two WANS to their respective IP addresses and confirmed that they work. I also configured the LAN address of the balance to be the present gateway adrdess for the server. I can log into the balance without any problem. I unchecked enable DHCP. However, if I pull the plug on either of the two WANS the behavior that I was expecting does not occur ie that the remaining WAN would seemlessly take over. Rather the balance gets disconnected from the office server, the LAN light goes off, and I would need to unplug and replug power to the balance to rsttore the LAN connection. What am I missing. Thx.

Hello Edward,

It sounds like you have an invalid configuration applied. Please contact the technical support from wherever you purchased it, or if you purchased it directly from us you can visit:

http://www.peplink.com/contact/support/ to start a trouble ticket.