Unplug Antenna while powered on?

  1. Is it okay to unplug the Main and/or Aux Antenna while Max-BR1 router is powered on?
  2. Is it okay to run router without any Aux Antenna plugged in?
  3. Is it okay to run the router without any GPS antenna plugged in?

Why not just buy some terminators?

I want to get the correct terminators for GPS and antenna jack. Which one of these is appropriate? They seem similar except for 1W or 2W.

  1. SMA Male coaxial Terminator Termination Loads 1W DC- 3.0GHz 50 ohm RF Coax Adapter Connector

  2. Coaxial Terminators SMA Male Connector RF Coaxial Matched Terminator Termination Load 50 Ohm 2W SMA Terminator

Thank you!

@demingdr Good news, yes to all 3! We regularly will hot swap different antennas in our testing, with no ill effect.

Thank you. :grinning: