Unique Name in Bandwidth Reports in Addition to existing IP Address

Hi would like to request to include unique names in addition to the IP address in the bandwidth reports , currently you can hover over the entry and it will show you the name and MAC
and you can assign the name in the
STATUS -> Client List

It would certainly be a benefit to us to have the “name” shown along side the IP address in the bandwidth reports to spot trending/abuse over time quickly , most specifically in client sites with low bandwidth connections , since the information is already stored in the peplink "if you assign the IP a name " it doesn’t seem like a far reach to include the field in the reports. In addition having this for Incontrol2 would also be very beneficial.

thanks for the consideration :slight_smile:

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I would have to give a big +1 to that. Quickly spotting the data hogs would be nice :slight_smile:

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