Understanding Weighted Balance traffic distribution

Hi there, I am trying to better understand Weighted Balance algorithm

Say I have 3 WANS with 70M/20M capability each, and choose Weighted Balance 10:10:10.

In case 3 users will open one connection each, would traffic be distributed evenly on each WAN?

Just to clarify - the 10:10:10 is not based on users or devices. It is the count of sessions.

Let’s say that 30 new TCP sessions were created at the same time. First 10 will go out WAN1, next 10 will go out WAN2, and the final 10 will go out WAN3.

If you want a true “round robin” type of setup, use 1:1:1 as your weights. Be careful what traffic you specify for this type of policy – SSL doesn’t typically like being spread across multiple WAN links. I use this weighted balance for TCP port 80 traffic.

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I guess that explains why this rule is put in by default when enalbing custom outbound policy

Yes sir, that is the reason for that rule by default. Shopping carts for e-commerce websites are often tied to an IP address rather than a TCP session or other variable. So, when the traffic starts coming from a new IP address - the shopping cart resets as though it is a new visitor. Most good e-commerce sites don’t tie stuff back to a TCP session – they use cookies and other methods to keep track of individual visitors.

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