Unable to use IC2 bulk configuration on SD switch and AP

I have a new design that i want to standardize. It consists of a MAX HD2 Dome, a SD switch rugged 8 port and an AP One AX.
The switch is in the middle and provides power to the HD2 Dome and the AP through PoE. The HD2 Dome communicates with IC2 over two different carriers.

I have configured the devices and downloaded the config files. When i add theese files to bulk configuration and try to make theese configs apply to another set of devices i get errors on the switch and the AP.

Switch: Configurations apply failed! Status: 412
AP: Configurations apply failed! Status: 418

I get the same error both on mars.ic.peplink.com and on my on-prem IC2 appliance.

I have tried to create new configuration files.

Sometimes i dont get a status code, just “Configurations apply failed!”.

Anyone able to help me figure out whats wrong?

Please help to submit a ticket. We need to check the settings of InControl2 and the devices.

is this problem solved ? i am looking for guidence how to setup LAN IP and other config for 100 Balance 20X with sequential IP LAN 172.16.19.x — subnet 24. pls share. Thanks

You might want to check the group-level “Device IP Settings” page. It allows you to configure devices’ LAN settings with a CSV file. You will have to prepare a CSV file with 100 rows of 100 LAN IPs for the 100 devices’ s/ns. Import the file and the devices will be configured accordingly.

If you need any assistance, please file a support ticket.

ok michel thanks for assistance.