Unable to block access to the management interface of Balance Router

Peplink Balance 305
8.1.1 build 5006

I have defined 3 LAN networks, all have enabled inter-VLAN routing

These LAN networks are assigned each to its own Port:

My problem: from the LAN “Gaeste” ( I can access the Balance router throug the IP

I have defined the following firewall rules, I even tried to have an explicit rule to deny access to the, but I can still access the IP (and the router)

Any idea how to block access from the network

Since the web administration is technically a local service (service running on the router, not the lan, nor the wan) – put your deny rule down in the “Local Service Firewall Rules”.

There is also the Lan Connection Access permissions at the bottom of the System->Admin Security page - but, it seems to be more for limiting access to just a single network (Lan or VLan)