UML295 compatibility with Surf On-The-Go

Is the UML295 fully compatible with the Surf OTG? I’ve read a few older posts (on other sites) that say that the router has to be powered before plugging in the UML295 or if the power goes out the connection will not automatically come back until modem power is cycled. This was from older posts so the issue may have been resolved since then.

Also, I would like to have an external router connected via ethernet to the OTG handle all processing/routing, ethernet and wifi connections, etc. Is this possible with the OTG?

I appreciate the help.

The UML295 is compatible with the SOTG. As with any USB-based cellular router, the operating behavior is very dependent on the individual USB modems characteristics. We support over 200 different USB modems so we cannot customize the firmware for any particular modem.

You could definitely hook it up to another router, but keep in mind the SOTG is a NAT device so you will have a double NAT situation.

Thank you for the reply. My next question would then be; which Peplink device would allow me to completely disable NAT and have my own router perform all NAT, routing, connectivity, etc for the lowest price point?

That would be the MAX-BR1-LTE-V-T, it offers IP passthrough and sells for only $499.