UBR-LTE won't connect to SpeedFusion Cloud

I only noticed this recently, but whenever my UBR LTE reboots or gets disconnected, it takes an unthinkable amount of time for the SpeedFusion cloud links to come back up, anywhere from an hour to a full day. What?!

This is a problem because that means any clients that are configured to use those links remain disconnected for that amount of time until the link is established…

I have tested the independent WAN uplinks (I have 3) and all are working fine! It is only the SpeedFusion Cloud link that is struggling to establish itself. Once it’s established, everything is fine.

I am having this problem with SFC-DFW but tried several other cloud destinations and all behave the same way.

For instance, see the uptime in this screenshot (1 day 3 hours 32 minutes)

The tunnel has been “Starting” since last boot.


UPDATE: I upgraded firmware from 8.1.1 to 8.1.3 (should’ve started with that) and the link came up immediately after reboot. Hoping that was the issue, if not, I will report back.

Best to log a ticket with engineering about the slow reconnect on SpeedFusion.

However you can build better outbound policies so that traffic doesn’t get blocked as you wait for the SF tunnel to come up in the meantime.