UBR LTE "independent from priority" problem

Without changing any settings, or updating firmware (to my knowledge), my UBR LTE priority settings in the dashboard has locked one of my cellular modems to “independent from priority”. I cannot change it’s priority or disable it. it’s stuck as a higher priority than my other modems.

I’d like to return it to a standard changeable priority option.


Hi Thatcher,
I love the username BTW. In the cellular WAN settings, you’ll want to find the “Independent from Backup WANs” option and disable it. That should return things to the way you’re accustomed to seeing them and allow the connection to be used in different priorities again.

What happens when you untick it in WAN connection settings?

I don’t know how I never got an alert from your reply. I was just hopping on the forum again to see if there was a solution to my problem. And it turns out you replied a while back. I have no idea how that box got checked. I must have checked it on accident at some point.

Thanks for the help!