UBR hot failover not working

I recently got a UBR LTE for mobile streaming. I had issues getting bonding working so i reached out to support and it turns out 8.0.2 build 3612 doesn’t allow the ability to select the same priority under the WAN connection priority. They upgraded me to 8.0.2s091 build 3663 and now i can select the same priority for both LTE sims which enables bonding.

I’m trying to setup hot failover and no matter what i do the second sim is always listed as stand by.

under the speedfusion profile i’ve changed the primary sim to priority 1 and the 2nd sim as priority 2. In the wan settings if i move the 2nd sim outside of priority 1 it will go to stand by. Leaving both sims with the same priority on the WAN connection status page will keep it connected.

In Advanced>Speedfusion > profile sim 1 is priority 1 and sim 2 is priority 2.

Whats the trick to get hot failover working?

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Looks like it is working to me. On that screen above run a download test and flip the off button on Cellular1.

You should see the download test continue unaffected using cellular 2 which will kick in as its designated as a hot failover connection (its active on the dashboard and in P2 on the speedfusion profile)…