TX Power for MAX-BR1


So I’m looking at replacing my current LTE Router with a pepwave but I wanted to get a specification that doesn’t seem to be advertised. I can find the dBm TX Power for the WiFi (25 dBm) but I cannot find the TX power for the LTE cellular modem. Can someone who knows reply with the transmit power of each transceiver?



The cellular modem has a TX power of 23dBm +/- 1 on all LTE bands.


Thanks Tim.

Does anyone know what modem (Vendor/Model) is used??


Are there any other devices with a little more TX power?


TX power is regulated so if you are in a weak signal environment your best bet is to use a better antenna setup.


For sure, if I had the ability to use a log periodic that would be preferred but I have to stick to omni’s for the time being. Do you know the RX sensitivity threshold for LTE, HSPA & CDMA? I’m also curious what LTE category it supports or what the modem model is, not sure if it has 20mhz channels or carrier aggregation, just wanted to know what the full feature set is of the modem given this is a $500 device it opens up several options.


Sensitivity is -91 or better across all bands and it supports 5/10/15/20MHz channels with no CA on this model, it is CAT3. Thanks.