Two SIMs, One for each computer?

Pepwave Max Transit Duo (soon to be on firmware 8.2.0-build5312).

We have an AT&T sim, and a Verizon sim.

Wanting to know if:

  • I can have both SIM’s connected at the same time? (Each are on the separate SIM pairs in the device).
  • Can I route my computer to, say, the AT&T and route my wife’s computer to the Verizon?
  • Still have us on the same LAN subnet so each other’s machine is visible, as well as the NAS, and other network devices?

We both do some heavy workloads, and separating us between the two SIM’s will garner each of us a little more speed, as well as share the usage over the two networks to minimize data overuses for the month.

If it’s possible to achieve my goal, would you share your instructions on how you’ve done it?

Well, the answer to all three of your questions is “yes.” The main “secret” is outbound policies which you can find from the “Advanced” network at the top of the screen. There are about eight different approaches one can take to setting “what traffic goes where” and these are nicely described in the firmware manual . . I’d suggest spending a bit of time with this document. You’ll be impressed as to how it all works and it is really quite simple to set up. Essentially, you establish rules which are interpreted from “top down.” As soon as a rule pertaining to certain traffic “fires” all remaining rules are ignored. What you are likely to find is that your bandwidth will be better utilized if you take some time to work on this a bit and optimize it. You definitely can, as you suggest, set it "by computer (“source” when writing a rule) but that may not be optimal.

After you do that I’d suggest going to Status → Active Sessions to see exactly what’s happening – what data is going where via which WAN.

WAN use and outbound policy is completely independent of your concerns vis-a-vis the LAN.

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In addition to Ricks great response you can also try speedfusuion cloud and bond the connections together so you could both use ,both connections at the same time.

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You really helped me, Rick. I think it worked out:

There might be some resetting needed, but this is what I came up with under Advanced > Outbound Policy:

I’ll check back later and advise whether this was the right solution or not, after I can reset the machines a bit.

Make sure you either set a dhcp reservation so the ip’s stay the same.
Also you may want to consider using enforced vs priority if you want to make sure it can only access a specific wan.
Also if you do any rules will cell phones you have to turn off the randomize mac address or the router will give them a unique ip each time.

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I have ALL devices on reserve DHCP. And phones are off random.

I dont need exclusive, just a general split. Dont need enforcement for it, not THAT important. Heh.

OK, good. Sounds like you are in business. You’ve got the basics down but I’ll bet you can optimize further when you have time – and do take a look at SFC as @Jonathan_Pitts suggested. This is powerful stuff. :<)

i agree with others you’d be much better off optimizing. makes no sense to have your computer go to one sim and your wife’s the other. there are much better ways to set it up and provide a solid connection for you both.