Two sets of ip addresses from the same class C on the WAN side

Pepwave Surf

I have two blocks of IP Addresses from my ISP.
x.x.x.121-126 and

Can I just ad them to the list of IP Addresses and then use them for One to One nat, or do they have to be a contiguous set of numbers?


For my understanding, your unit is Pepwave Surf SOHO, right?

In this situation, you have to ask ISP to add the static route for you 2nd subnet. For example, WAN Interface IP of Pepwave Surf SOHO is x.x.x.121. Your ISP should need to have add the following static routes.

x.x.x.221/32 via x.x.x.121
x.x.x.222/32 via x.x.x.121
x.x.x.223/32 via x.x.x.121
x.x.x.224/32 via x.x.x.121
x.x.x.225/32 via x.x.x.121
x.x.x.226/32 via x.x.x.121

  • Because your IP range is x.x.x.221-226 and it is not in same 29-bit network, therefore your ISP have to add them one by one.

Makes perfect sense. I will pass that on. Thanks!