Two major feature requests for Peplink 210/310 (please implement)


We have numerous load balancers deployed of the 210 and 310 series. The features we need are and would be very help

  1. **Downtime Hours - **
    I know that you have the up/down status to send an email about a connection being down, however the max time that a connection is down is not long enough. We are receiving tons of emails from the load balancers a day of up and down statuses. We would like to make it where if its been down for x number of hours or days then to send us the email. This is very important to us please implement. 1. Send DHCP via email -
    Some ISP’s do not have true statics, although they will provide one to us, often we have to argue with them and still it does not work. We have a few load balancers setup for DHCP and if that address chagnes we would like to have it emailed.
    I hope that an engineer can contact me I would like to give more feed back. So please listen to this thread! :frowning:

Hi William,

We welcome your feedback and will definitely listen to our customers. Please share with us more about this.


Is this something that can be implemented? Like I said we have a lot of these deployed and we are providing serious feed back.

Hi william,

  1. We have a plan to implement an email notification when a link’s availability dropped below, say, 80% within a month. The percentage will be configurable. Will it serve the purpose?

  2. Send DHCP via email - I have a suggestion. You enable dynamic DNS on the DHCP WAN’s. Then you write a simple script on a host to look up the DDNS host names regularly and monitor if their IP has changed. When changed, send an email. If you could write such simple script, you can get the feature immediately.


I think that number 1 would help but that might be too long of period but it may be useful to gather that information.

Then we will generate both daily and monthly WAN availability alerts.