Turning off WiFi but clients show connected

Surf Soho with firmware 6.3.3.
I disabled WiFi completely using the ON/OFF toggle on the dashboard.
Then, I noticed that Status -> Client list showed WiFi devices as clients.
Is this a bug?


I tested this is not happening in my lab. Can you share how you replicate this?

Thank you.

Must be a mis-understanding as I tried it again and confirmed. Sorry. I will try to explain again.

Surf SOHO running Firmware: 6.3.3 build 2252
On the Dashboard in the WiFi AP section, turn off WiFi using the on/off switch.
Then, after wifi is off, go to Status -> Client list
The list of clients still shows devices that were connected via WiFi, but obviously are not any more as the WiFi is off.
It seems to me that if WiFi disabled, that devices that were connected via WiFi should no longer appear in the client list.
Of course, they don’t appear as being online, but they do appear, because their DHCP assigned IP address has not yet expired.
Perhaps its just a mis-understanding of what the client list is.

Hi Michael,

No worry. Below is the expected behavior.

Thank you, TK