Trying to recover my old account on peplink community forums

Hi, for some reason when I enter my username and password on the Peplink community forums, I get a brand new account (this one “Dan_ran1”), which is simlarly named after my main account “Dan_Ran”. I have tried every possible email I can think of that my original account “Dan_Ran” would be under, but it just aske me to createe a new account, or doesn’t recognize the email address I am useing. My question is, how can I recover my email address and password for my original account located at

Hello @Dan_Ran1 (@Dan_Ran),
Your best option is to open a Peplink Support Ticket at
There will be some security identifiable questions that need verification with you that can not be asked in the forum.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks @mldowling ! I have opened a ticket. Hopefully I can recover my account!

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