Troubleshooting data throughput

Pepwave DUO. 3-4 bars. Mornings is great. Afternoons unusable speeds and connection drops but STILL 3-4 bars. I am stationary. Is there a way I can troubleshoot cause with the device own utilities?

Sounds like congestion on the tower cells and/or the up-link from the tower is saturated.

Or your SIM is being de-prioritized. What cellular provider and plan is it? If your using a pre-pay SIM moving to a post-paid plan X-amount of prioritized data would help.

You could also try turning off low frequency bands (600 / 700 mhz). Depending on the carrier and tower, the remaining bands you will see off the tower may have differing amounts of bandwidth. helps to determine what bands are on the tower. Test different combinations of bands.

Agree. We need to know plan, actual signal/noise levels, whether subject to deprioritization, etc. Most plans these days are subject to deprioritization, especially when used in data only devices. Its probably a congested cell tower. You can file a ticket with advanced level of tech support for the carrier and keep pushing them to increase back-haul bandwidth, or buying a more expensive plan that gives higher priority, or switch carriers, etc.