Trouble Turning Off VLAN


The GuestVLAN always stays on. On the System page I have GuestVLAN scheduled for “Always On” when guest are here to use it and I turn it to “Always Off” when there are no guests, but it remains on.

On the AP page, Wireless SSID, SSID Settings I leave the Schedule to “Always On” because I assume this refers to always broadcasting the SSID. Am I mistaken? Does it actually trigger On/Off on the VLAN schedule and not just the SSID?

The User Manual isn’t illuminating:
" Schedule

Click the drop-down menu to choose pre-defined schedules as your starting point. Please note that upon selection, previous changes on the schedule map will be deleted."

Does this switch trigger the VLAN or the SSID for the VLAN?
Surf SOHO Mk3 firmware 7.1.1 build 1342.

How do I turn off a VLAN?


VLANs do not go on or off. SSIDs do.

For an SSID, there is a checkbox for Enabled. I suggest you focus on that rather than the schedule. VLANs can be defined and not used. No big deal.


Thank you Michael234. Turning off the SSID doesn’t accomplish what I want so I’ll remove the VLAN and redo it when I need it.