Trouble Connecting to Iphone 8 WiFi Wan


I have a Pepwave Surf Soho that I’ve been using in my RV since April usually either paired with a usb connected hotspot or an Iphone connected through Wifi Wan. Recently I started having trouble connecting to my iphone hotspot. The log indicates that the router fails to connect to the Iphone with this message:

WAN: Wi-Fi WAN fails to connect iPhone (WPA: authentication timeout)

It repeats this over and over then finally connects after 10 or 15 minutes of trying. I can’t pinpoint the reason for it finally connecting. I have even tried giving the Iphone a static IP address.

Has anyone had this problem?


May i know the firmware version running for your SOHO device ?

7.1.1 build 1342


We need more input to diagnose the problem. Can you do me a favor below when the problem is occurring? Please take note, doing steps below when everything is running fine will not help to diagnose the problem.

  1. Access http://<LAN IP>/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi. > Network Capture > Click Start.
  2. Capture for 5 minutes > Click Stop > Click Download to download the Network Capture file.
  3. Download the Diagnostic Report (just above the Network Capture in support.cgi page).
  4. Submit ticket with 2 files above.

Thank you.