Transit Mini resetting with any (?) SIM

I have put a Google Fi Sim into the transit mini and this causes the unit to reboot while attempting to connect to the Cellular WAN.

This happens in slot 1 and slot 2.

The unit reboots every few minutes (2 minutes to boot, then a couple of minutes to fail on connection) continuously.

I put a plain old T-Mobile (activated and working) sim into the unit and it does the same thing: reboot every few minutes…

I am more than a bit disturbed to see that this product has been released with no supporting documentation or firmware updates (it’s not included in the 8.0.1.whatever beta firmware drop).

What’s the plan to get this product properly supported?

I’ve updated the unit to
8.0.1b02 build 3539
(the BR1 MAX HW2 build) and this rebooting still happens.

This is not expected.

  1. Can I confirm the BR1 will stop reboot if you remove the SIM card?

  2. May I know the BR1 will be rebooted if you disable the cellular WAN?

  3. May I know what are the devices connect to the LAN side of BR1? How many LAN devices there?

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(It’s a transit mini.)

  1. It does stop reboot when sim is removed.

  2. If the sim is in a disabled slot, the unit does not reboot

  3. My laptop only.

This is strange and we don’t encounter the similar issue. Please help to download the Diagnostic Report from the Transit Mini then open a ticket for us to investigate with the Diagnostic Report.

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Ticket #9080513 has been successfully created

Any updates on this issue?


May i know your issue ? For this thread it’s more like device having reboot loop every 2 minutes and it’s related to hardware issue.

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My questions are related to the Google Fi provided SIM card.

(runs on TMobile, Sprint and US Cellular)

Were the issues above addressed? Are there any configuration

items related to this Google Fi sim?



May i know the issue ? Our partner able to get the SIM card working.

I believe you also commented the forum thread above.

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I got a replacement unit and this issue did not recur.