Transit max duo w/ grandfathered verizon sim (again)

Hey folks,

I just got my transit max duo setup with 7in1 poynting antenna. I am attempting to use a grandfathered verizon sim in the device (single sim only mode). This sim has been working unlimited/unthrottled for a couple years for me in a 8800L and the prev. 7730L. I can also confirm this is an anceint plan on my account.

On the transit max duo i have TTL enforced to 65, have also tried 64 and auto with mixed connectivity results but the same overall bandwidth result (4down/2up). After changing auto/nanual settings, auto/manual channel selection, and a variety of channels. I can get a -65-80db connection to the tower, but it always results in 4mbps up / 2mbps down.

I also have a mofi4500 device running on verizon sucessfully unlimited/unthrotted with a very similar sim card. On that device i have TTL set to “Linux 2 - 64”. Which is obv not an available value on the pepwave.

I find it unlikely that the pepwave’s imei is not being well accepted by the network, as it was previously working in hotspot units at basically “full bore - full time”. I am unsure how to optimize this connection. At 5bars / -60DB i still see the same slow speeds.

I also have a ATT prepaid tablet plan that i wanted to bond to. But i have been reading on multiple forums that the tablet plans are being halted, throttled, or cancled when put into other devices like the pepwave.

Any insight would be appreciated.

So what does Verizon say? Why is it a hardware issue if you have neg 60 signal?

What “grandfathered” plan do you have? What is the actual plan name?

Does it still work in your 8800L / 7730L today?

@mystery it is a " LOYALTY PLAN $15 / 30 MIN 1YR" plan with a $49.99 data add on.
Yes, i put it back into the 8800L and it works normally, 10down/1up on 1-2bar signal.

@AskTim I have not contacted verizon yet. Im not sure what the issue is, but i dont think its hardware. My best guess was incorrect settings, but what i’ve treid doesnt improve the performance much.

cat 18 duo?

FWIW: We’re running a bunch of devices off another (unlimited) Verizon legacy plan. Every so often, when we move SIMs around we get connection issues. I have found Verizon tech support generally helpful and (once you get escalated) also able to fix things (or explain why not, if there’s a policy in play).

I’d suggest a call. (Just set aside a few hours…)

Good luck.


@zegor_mjol thanks for that.

I (perhaps naively) assumed that these conversations with the carrier/provider about how to do what they don’t exactly want you doing can result in getting your account or imei flagged or audited.

The jist im getting here is that calling verizon and asking why my 15min/month cell plan from a deceased relative is not working properly in a cat18 bonded device should not put me/my sim in jeopardy… so i will try that.
Thanks for the direction.

Yes i believe so

read all the posts about the issues with that radio and the carriers blocking most plans

Context is everything.

W.r.t. technical issues, focus the conversation on the facts as observed, without getting into too much of a justification or history of why they might not allow the switch.


  • Observed fact: It is working on one connected device (the 8800L and the prev. 7730L)
  • Observed fact: The new equipment has been certified for use on the Verizon network (but you may want to hold off on that statement until it actually is certified (if it is a CAT18, see Verizon Certification - #9 by Helen_Aziz)).
  • Observed fact: The speed seems to be throttled or deprioritized (i.e., slow) whereas on the previous device it was not.
  • The IMEI of the unit.

They have all the plan information about you, and if, in the end, they claim that your plan does not allow the device then it is time to request the contract terms that prohibits its use (or accept it an go on with life).

On the other hand, it might simply be that the move of the SIM card to the new device triggered a check, and they discovered that you had moved the SIM card from a phone/tablet (in the original plan) to a “connected device”

Since carriers now have started caring about IMEI numbers on plans, I expect the only remedy is to get tech. support to agree that the line needs to be categorized as a “connected device,” and make the manual change required (we had that happen to one of the lines, originally a SIM on an iPad that moved to a CAT4 BR1 (successfully) and then to a CAT 6 BR1 (requiring tech. support intervention)).

Preparatory to all this you may want to log into the Verizon site and check what equipment they believe the line is connected to. E.g., in our experience, the line in question was showing as an iPad when it was installed on a BR1 CAT4 (and working well) and trouble started once we moved it to the BR1 CAT6. (Curiously, they still list the line’s device as the old iPad…)

Good luck.


I dont know the reason carriers are blocking the radio in the cat 18 but my guess is that that radio is not used in any cell phone or device they do allow so its easy for them to blanket block it.

Thanks for the informative post Z. When i initially posted i did check the account online and the device had changed to TST_MAX.
Will follow up after my call to vws.

The 8800L i am using currently is listed as a cat 18. Although i have not had success using a verizon sim in a non-verizon hotspot device. AFAIK the verizon hotspots are still “locked” to their equip.
I suspect this is part of the reason why the transit max duo is being deprioritized or other.

I’ve contacted vzw tech support, who “reset” on their side to no avail. They recommended i go to a store and get a new sim card, which i did. The store associates could not register the new sim without changing my plan which i strongly declined. Afer some time of explaining and pleading, they let me take the sim home to activate via phone.
Called phone tech support again and was told that they can no longer register a new sim card to my plan. “Plan pricing not applicable to sim” is the error they were getting trying to do it manually.
So, my current understanding is that this plan “LOYALTY $15 /30MIN 1YR” is being forcably phased out.
Im told that because the plan will no longer accept a new sim card. If i lose/break the sim, i will not be able to replace it, and have to lose the plan altogether.

Really abysmal news.

The OLD simcard still works normally in my 8800L jetpack, i get the same usable speeds.
In the TST_MAX it is still crawling. So i am going to continue pursuing manual settings to figure out why this plan is so crippled on a stronger piece of hardware.

Who makes the radio in it? I am going to guess different than the peplink radio? If it’s blocked on the plan , it’s blocked.

The 8800L is made by inseego, and afaik; only available for verizon and on verizon plans. The verizon sim can be spoofed to work in a ATT nighthawk, but not the ATT sim in the verizon 8800L.

Ive tried a wide range of TTL and MTU settings for the transit duo, and can confirm a speed difference between TTL 64, 65, and Auto. Auto TTL gives lowest speeds. 64 TTL seems to be the “best” at almost any MTU value in comparison, but still awfully slow at 8mbps down / 1-2mbps up.

From what i have read thus far it seems the speed difference between auto TTL and enforced 64/65 indicates that the speed issue is on ISP side. Hm.

you are talking about two different things, right? 1. that the sim wont work in the transit duo, 2. you are getting slow speeds in other devices where it does work. ?

easy answer as to why it wont work in the transit duo is if the carrier is blocking the device or that radio type. i am guessing the transit duo cat 18 uses a different radio than the 8800L and Nighthawk.

FWIW: The store personnel may be useful because they don’t know too much. I have seen them activate a SIM card when they shouldn’t have. On the other hand, an escalated tech. support has generally been able to fix things, even if there are moments of “I’ll be…” Climbing the tech. support ladder, tedious though it be would be my recommendation.

Good luck,


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Yes, but really only dealing with one issue. The verizon sim works in the pepwave, but throttled/deprioritized to a non-usable speed in my setup.

I think i will have to continue climbing the tech support ladder, if there is anything higher.

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oh ok so its working but slow. main area where i use mine is deprioritized most of the time. only time its not is late at night. during day i get 1mbps if i am lucky. tower is overloaded. I dont know why you are wasting time with a SIM swap if its connecting. Post up your signal levels. LTE-A?