Transit MAX CAT 18 and video conference

I have a transit max cat 18 and have been having issues with video conferencing. I have the unit set to factory settings and the latest firmware. I have no issues with the unit except with video conferencing calls like zoom and ring central. During the call, it will freeze and get a WAN failure on the dashboard. It will not reconnect until the unit resets or I reboot. I am connected to Verizon on a grandfathered unlimited plan without throttling. This is my only source for internet at home and in our RV. This has happened with the unit in multiple locations with excellent connections. Even happens when the unit is connected to multiple bands. This is actually the second unit that has done this. The first unit went through a peplink ticket and I got an RMA for it. The second unit is doing it so I don’t think it is a hardware issue. I have been very pleased with the unit except for this. Just wondering if anyone else with this unit has had this issue and if anyone has any suggestions. I have tried turning off the smart check with no improvement as it does the same thing. Appreciate any help.



Could you be filling the pipe and stepping on your health check traffic? I would try increasing your health check interval and retry numbers.

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