Transit Duo showing no secondary band

I’m using an AT&T prepaid sim in just one slot on a Max Transit Duo and it has been working well for several months up until today. The modem location has not changed but I’m noticing that there is no secondary band anymore. It is only showing LTE band 12 (700MHz). It used to have both band 2 as the primary and band 12 as secondary and so the bandwidth now has dropped considerably. I haven’t monitored it enough previously to know if this is a normal temporary thing but would appreciate any feedback.


The connected CA bands are assigned by the Cell Tower. May i know the device is manage by IC2 ? If yes, you should able to check the WAN quality report to check the history connected bands. This should give you more data to check on the problem.

Thanks for the response. The device is managed by IC2 and the signal quality and strength were showing good (also showed 4 bars). After several hours it did pick up and add the primary band 2 back in. I have never monitored it right after a modem power on so is it normal that it would pick up one band immediately and that the second band gets picked up later. Just trying to get a baseline of what I should be expecting.

You have zero control over when the MTD aggregates other than possibly changing antennas and/or antenna locations. You CAN determine which bands the MTD uses. So the next time you have band 2 drop off, try choosing only band 2 and see if the sim connects. Otherwise, you take what you get - remember that the cell tower is a participant in this negotiation so band 2 may not have a large block available. My directional MIMO antennas help with more consistent band aggregation.

I looked all around incontrol for that page. Can you share the path to that? Thanks, Bill