Transfer multiple VLAN traffic over Peplink VPN connection - How to?

After reading all available Peplink manuals (for Balance and MAx devices) I am still having one question - Is it possible to transfer multiple VLAN traffic over one Peplink VPN connection to another Peplink’ (Balance or MAX ) device? There is only one LAN setting allowed to a certain PepVPN profile - so it means one VLAN over a profile - is it right?

So, my question is - how to set VLAN trunk over one VPN connection… just like I do it with SoftetherVPN …
I am really new to Peplink hardware, so I would appreciate any help.
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Hi Michael,

Default Untagged VLAN (LAN Interface) will allow L2SF VLANs Trunk.

For more information, please refer to the attached diagram:

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Thanks a lot! I will try this config…

One more question: does the following scenario is legitimate - will it work within Untagged Lan configuration? When I made some tests in my lab, and found out that the Vlan 222 is not accessible from remote side… Is there any config in Balance that concern to specific Balance’ LAN interface?

Hi Maltyx,

L2SF is like a L2 bridge (Untagged) that connect the remote network and the main site. You have to make sure all the VLANs at the switches are trunk when connected to the Balance/Max devices. By default, you don’t need to do any settings for the Balance/MAX LAN interface other than just enable the L2SF settings.

May i know The issue only happen for VLAN222 ? Can you please share us more info for your setup & the testing that have been carried up ?

  • Switch1Main-Site VLAN1 can access Switch@remote VLAN1 ?
  • Switch1@Main-Site VLAN11 can access Switch@remote VLAN11 ?
  • Switch1@Main-Site VLAN11 can access Switch2@Main-Site VLAN11 ?
  • Switch1@Main-Site VLAN22 can access Switch@remote VLAN22 ?
  • Switch2@Main-Site VLAN11 can access Switch@remote VLAN11 ?

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Ok, thank you. I will double check all my setup and will make some tests on Sunday again (I am not sure if I set the switch’ port connected to Balance’ Lan2 interface with VLAN 222 configured as tagged or untagged… Will check it again and report it here.)
The issue only happens for VLAN 222 that is not accessible from remote site. All Vlans from the Switch 1 are accessible from remote-site switch.

Sorry for delay, there was some problem with spanning tree protocol configuration on the network with specific VLAN (222) … so after I made some testing with another VLAN, my configuration worked as it suppose to be.
Thank you for Your help!

Hi Maltyx,

Good to heard that the L2SF is working now :up:

Thank You