Traffic Accounting by End Device?

Is there way to track GB consumption by device over a month?
LTE is limited GB under most plans, and I need to track where the data goes each month.
This is different to real time bandwidth.

On the Status page under Usage Reports you also have the hourly, daily, or monthly options. If you drill down into any of them you will get a nice list of the IP addresses with corresponding MAC addresses and how much data they have consumed in the given time frame. If you hover over the MAC address it will often show you the vendor which can help narrow things down.

If not you just need to do a little investigative work. Now that you know the IP address of the device using all the data you can just start checking your connected devices individually to find the matching IP address.

Streaming devices like FireTV, ROKU, game consoles will generally consume a lot of data.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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