TotalCare can be purchased only in north america?


i’ve been informed that TotalCare is only available in north america, is it right?

What is an IC2 subscription and it's relationship with Warranty Coverage?

Hello Patricia,

Correct, please find the TotalCare policy here:

Where are you based and why are you interested in TotalCare?


i’m based in africa, i was interested in total care because of hardware warranty


Hello Patricia,

If you’re looking to extend your hardware warranty, please take a look at the ‘Extended Warranty’ licenses.
These are not bound to a specific area.

Besides the extension of your hardware warranty, ‘Extended Warranty’ also extends your InControl 2 subscription.
Keep in mind that your device needs to be in warranty for this ‘Extended Warranty’ license to be applicable.
If your device is no longer in warranty, you will need a ‘SmartCare’ license, which reactives your warranty and also extends your InControl 2 subscription.

Please contact a local Peplink partner for more information and pricing: