Too much light from the indicator LED's

I think that half of the power the OTG uses, is burned by the 7 LED’s on the front panel. You can read a book by their light :mad:
On the boat I run the OTG 24/7 from the ship’s battery and every watt counts. Is there a way to dim the led’s or even switch them on/off?

Aye, captain. This is a good feature request. We have added this to our to-do list. Please stay tuned with us.

Hi water-man, we are going to introduce an option for switching the led on/off. When this option is enabled, the led would be switched off after the OTG established connection to network. While the connection is broken, the led would on again to show the OTG status. Do you have any comment?

Hi Bryan, Makes sense. This way you will see when start-up is successfully completed (off) and you are immediately warned when something is wrong (on). There might be one disadvantage: how do I know that the device is still powered? is it possible to blink the power led every, say, 5 sec’s in the “led off” status?

In WiFi mode, the led’s go “on” when the WiFi connection fails
In Cellular mode, the led’s go “on” when the 3G/4G connection fails
I use the OTG in WiFi mode and 3G as backup link. When do you decide to switch the led’s to “on”? From my point of view I don’t need to be alarmed when WiFi fails, 3G takes over and after 5 min’s WiFi comes back again. Happens all the time in a harbor when a big ship passes between me and the base station.
My suggestion would be: as long as there is an Internet connection (WiFi or cellular) there is no need to switch the led’s “on”. Only when the # of health check retries is done and there is stil no internet connection than the led’s come “on”.

I guess we need a firmware update for this. When you are at it, can you do something about the website certificate? Every time I start Webadmin on the OTG I get big red warnings: go back, insecure, invalid certificate,…

Thanks for your quick action on this one!! Will it be out before I go to the boat? (end of March)

This discussion has been 3 years ago. I thought the reason I never saw this feature had to do with my hardware version. However, today I got a brand-new device but also here: no option to switch off the LED’s.
Question is: did it disappear from the feature list or is it somewhere hidden??

Hi water-man, we are implementing this feature now. Will send you the update when it is ready (should be ready in this week).

Hi Bryan,
That is great!! Does it come as a firmware upgrade??

Yes. Firmware will be provided.

Firmware is ready to download here.

You can set the “LED Control” in Misc page. There are two modes: Normal and Off. Normal means the current behaviour. Off means the LED would be turned off when connection established. The Power LED would blink 2 times in every 5 seconds to indicate the device is still on.

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I have a new Balance One, Firmware 6.3.1 build 2256 and I would like to set the LED control, is this possible?

The firmware is specifically designed for Surf On the Go only since it is a portable device.

Thank you.

Sure would love this feature on my Balance 310. My network closet is near my bedroom.