Too many firmware packs

I have an older Balance one and 5 AP One Mini.
When I click the check for the firmware I get none available.

I went to upload the latest firmware and get the above message.

When I try to delete it says there are 6 AP’s using the firmware.

Any suggestions?

This was fixed in firmware version 8.1.1. If this is urgent, you may try 8.1.1RC3 -

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Thanks. Not urgent. When is the final release expected?

It should be around the corner. We will announce it when the GA firmware is ready.


I have upgraded to 8.2.0 and have a AP One Flex. It is on the 3.6.1 firmware and all other are on 3.6.3. I clicked on the check for firmware and it says no available and never been check, Yet I just checked. I tried downloading from the Peplink site for HW2/3 and when i try to upload on the AP’s control page I get “413 - Request too large” When I go to set from the Balance control page i only get firmware 1171 as the option and the others do not show. Any help would be appreciated.

Try to update to 3.6.2 version first before 3.6.3. Older versions can be found in this link:

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I tried from the AP and get a page of code displayed. I tried from the balance console and the flex, the top entry shows only the firmware 1171. The others show the full range of firmware. How do I get the latest into the flex portfolio

I am also getting Too many firmware packs. Please remove an existing one and try again
OK - when I try to upload the one suggested