Toggling PepVPN encryption

When the PepVPN encryption setting within a PepVPN profile on a Balance router is changed, does the encryption setting on the other end somehow change automatically? I doubt that is the case. When it is changed on one end, will the connection be lost? Or maybe PepVPN is designed in such a way that the connection will always be maintained, but will obviously only have encryption when the setting is on at both ends? Just curious how resilient it is and if it maintains connectivity even if both ends do not match.

Hi Ralph, you only need to disable the encryption on one side or the other. Once it is disabled on one side the encryption will be off altogether.

Hi Ralph,

My mistake, if only one side of the tunnel has encryption enabled then BOTH sides will still be encrypted. I would recommend to disable it on the remote side first and then at the HQ side. Sorry for the confusion!

And of course if someone were enabling it, then of course the recommendation would be to enable it on the remote side, then at HQ. I was just wanting to know how the devices would deal with inconsistent settings if a setting got changed, and whether or not it would drop the connection. Good to see it’s designed to maintain the connection even when the settings are not in sync. Thanks again.