Timetable for 5G 1 mile from cell tower?

I’ve been hearing about 5G from people in a few big cities very close to short range high frequency 5G.

What’s the roadmap look like for 5G in the USA 1 mile from the nearest cell tower?

At 1 mile from a cell tower, would one expect much lower latency from 5G than 4G LTE Pro eqiupment?

The way i understand it, the lower latency comes from there being more towers, meaning you are closer to the physical links. The tech itself may be a little quicker at processing the traffic dropping 1-2ms but over the same distance I don’t think there will be any noticeable latency difference. I may be wrong though and would be happy for anyone who knows more to correct me on this.

At a mile you would likely be using the lower frequency links as well so I would expect bandwidth to be similar to 4g as well.