Time to Renovate the Peplink Dashboard

Dear Guys,

In my opinion its time to renovate the Peplink dashboard page as this is not good idea to keep it this much simple. I think you can add some functionalists to make the management tasks easier. I will share my ideas below :

1- I like to see PepVPN , SF throughput in the dashboard.
2- I like the ability to connect/disconnect PepVPN/SF/IPsec connections directly from dashboard.
3- I like to see the current number of sessions live on the dashboard.
4- I like to see memory status along with the processor status on the dashboard.
5- I don’t like to redirect to dashboard every time I save/apply something.
6- I like the ability to connect/disconnect mobile Internet from dashboard.
7- I like the ability to change dashboard items location using drag & drop.
8- I like to see more details on PepVPN/SF/IPsec on dashboard like peer IP address , advertised IP networks , etc.
9- I like to see drop rate and latency for every WAN link and PepVPN/SF/IPsec live on dashboard.
10- I like to change the name for every WAN and VPN profiles from dashboard.

waiting your feedback.

Thanks - Hootan

That’s a lot of ideas. :slight_smile:

I promise you that we will discuss each and every suggestion in our development meeting. Thanks!