Time Based Rule / Algorithm Peplink 20+

It would be nice to be able to “schedule” rules by date/time or be able to switch between profiles by date/time.

Eg. People leave their machines open during the weekend. There is no “impact to business” if the office was switched to uncapped DSL instead of paying per gig when no-one is in the office. I’d like to switch to a new profile for nights or weekend which defaults all to WANx.



Makes sense. A nice feature to SMB/enterprise users.

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Make it so captain!

Is there a procedure to make feature requests ?

You have already made the feature request by posting in this forum, thanks for the suggestion. The development team will be looking at this for possible implementation sometime in the future.

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We have been here before…

From August 2011 - same feature request. Peplink | Pepwave - Forum
From December 2011 - similar feature request. Peplink | Pepwave - Forum?
From January 2013 - same suggestions. Peplink | Pepwave - Forum?

As an embedded programmer myself, I can say with some confidence, that it would be a easy job to include this feature. The Peplinks already do a continuous checking of state based on time. To turn off a WAN based on time is a trivial code addition.

How about insisting it gets included on the next build please?

I know, Ross, it has been a while since this feature was mentioned and discussed of. We have brought out other new features and new technologies over the years and this one is clearly missed out.

We will discuss with the engineering team. I cannot say that this will make it to the next build. We often freeze the next firmware release for a thorough quality check. But we will take a good look at the set of features we need to add Time of Day support for, and determine a schedule accordingly.

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Definitely a +1 for this feature request.

Thanks Peplink Dev Team!

Another +1 for this feature , Actually +20 for this one because so many customers has requested before. some Internet links has free traffic during midnight so customers looking for the ability to made a schedule for Firewall/Outbound Policies.


+1 We’re quite remote and our WAN connections are 3G. Our ISP does have a ‘free’ window in the middle of the night and it would be great to change policies based on time.


I still think this would be a very worthwhile and valuable config option for customers.

When all the macs in the office start to download 100s of megs worth of updates when they sit idle at night, it would be cheaper for us to disable our fiber connection at 6pm and let all after business hours traffic come down on our Uncapped ADSL. It would save 100s every month.

+1 for this feature , our 15mb Cable connection drops each day at roughly 4:00 as the Cable network goes into peak mode to where our network grinds to a halt for internet traffic , it would be great to have a rule to automatically switch to our secondary DSL lines based on time

In the Interim maybe support could script it at the CLI ? This and a cron should get the job done…until a feature is added.