Throughput details of Balance model

My customer would like to consider Balance 2500 router. As checked the specification, we found the throughput shown “Stateful Firewall Throughput” only. In order to determine requirement, can anyone provide actual throughput or information when turn off the firewall feature? Thanks

Dear @martin.tam

please note that B2500 router performance is dependent on interfaces combination. I selected couple of records from our internal lab. It was a multi-WAN testing environment, TCP protocol, IxChariot tool.

Interface type DL, Gbps UL, Gbps DL+UL, Gbps FW
8x 1G WAN, 8x 1G LAN 7.5 7.5 14.4 8.0.1
2x 10G WAN, 2x 10G LAN 18.4 17.4 31.7 7.1.0



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Thanks Ricardas for your information.

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