Throttling Dropbox upload

I’m curious on the suggestions approach for throttling the upload bandwidth consumed by the Dropbox service.

Ideally, I’d like to use QoS/CoS priority so that I’m treating dropbox uploads as a “low-class upload scavenger”, where any other upload request takes precedence. but I’m not sure how to do that…

The approach I’m considering with my PepLink 20

Add Rule: Dropbox UP

  • Network | Outbound Policy | add Rule
  • Source:
  • Destination: (found dropbox IP block online somewhere)
  • protocol: ANY
  • Algorithm: Priority ( WAN’s arranged with only 1 WAN – eg: restrict them to using JUST one ISP so we dont flood all our upload capacity )

is this the right approach?

or should I be looking into QoS/CoS options? or a diff router/model with a balancing algorithm that supports this “scavenger” concept.


Hi Mark- Trying to QoS it will be difficult because it is using port 80 and 443 for outbound connections. Your approach will work to lock it all down to a single WAN though.

Thanks, anecdotally, it seems to be behaving as suspected. I’m a little leary about not getting all their IP blocks (are their IP block ranges public and/or queriable?) , but I think thats a best i can do. Actually, if they had several disjoint IP blocks, I guess I’d have to make several Dropbox outbound policy rules, one for each ip block


They probably have server farms located all over, so there definitely could be more IP blocks. You could also create an outbound rule based on destination domain as well.

Hi Mark -

Please keep us updated on how this is going for you. I also have a Peplink 20 and have the exact same dilemma (albeit with a user syncing with Google Drive).

Due to the fact that the lower Balance models don’t have user bandwidth management, your above work around was what I was going to try. By using a Priority setting, did it limit the user’s upload to only one ISP thus leaving at least 1 connection’s upload stream open?


Hi Ari, this will work to lock that specific user to a certain WAN. Just make an outbound policy rule with his IP address as the source, destination can be any or the specific domain/IP block, then choose either priority or enforced algorithm.
Enforced is very strict, if that line goes down he will have no connectivity.

This is what we did - with priority setting. Her upload to google drive now only goes via one WAN’s upload stream. That way we always have WAN2’s upload stream available.

That - and a bit of education on not working on her massive AI and PSD files directly out of her google drive account all day (auto saving every 5 minutes, uploading hundreds of MB’s all day long) helped as well.

hello has there been any good news or updates about controlling the bandwidth of this apps and similar? or until now this is still difficult or impossible to get done?


This involved major changes in our current design structure. This could not happen in near future and no ETA at the moment.