This firmware with modele are still supported?


Plz i need help if you still support this firemware in this model

Plz ansewr as soon as possible

Thanks in advanced

No. The current firmware is 6.3.4 and 7.0.2 these are the current firmware releases with all the latest security fixes rolled in. You don’t want to be using anything less than 6.3.4 on your devices.

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Thank Martin for your ansewr but i still need some easy question plz !!

My customer already installed this “Peplink Balance 380”, “PepWave MAX HD2”, and the PepWave MAX-HD2-LTE-E" with the frimware shown in the picture.
My customer call me for signing a support/maitenance contract.
What i need to know is:
1-if i need help in frimeware 5.4.9, i can get this help from you ?? if not i can make upgrade ?
2-do you still sell this models “Peplink Balance 380”, “PepWave MAX HD2”, and the PepWave MAX-HD2-LTE-E" ? if not what the equivalant appliance for each one of them ??

Thanks a lot in advance

I would suggest you to contact Peplink local distributor for assistance.

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