The cpu of the peplink one core is very high


hello good evening the cpu of the peplink one core is very high consumption is 100 megabytes and the cpu more than 80% according to the dataseeht of the equipment supports 600 megabytes that can be happening can someone help me


Please provide screenshot of Active Sessions (Status > Active Sessions > Overview) when the CPU load is high. Please take note, check the active sessions when CPU load is normal will not help to diagnose the problem.




at this time this is normal


Look like the Balance One Core is overwhelmed. Please take note, client generated 9,821 active sessions when the CPU load around 27%. I believe it will be worse if the CPU load is getting higher. Please check on client to reduce the load.


peplink is being used to balance 2 channels about 150 megabytes and one 50 megabytes for an ISP with 182 clients clients are managed by RB mikrotik 3011 with simple queues


As mentioned, Balance One Core was overwhelmed. Fyi, Balance One Core is designed for small business and recommended for 1-60 clients. Please find here for more details. Please consider upgrading the device.