THANKS! Firmware v3.2.1 and v3.2.2 now report SIM's ICCID and MIT numbers

Holy cow. The cell Connection Details has included the Pepwave device “IMEI” and SIM “IMSI” numbers for a while. I just noticed that with firmware v6.3.1 or v6.3.2, this now also includes the “ICCID” ID number printed on the SIM, and also the “MIT” assigned telco phone number.

I had assumed that it wasn’t possible to read these out and display them from the SIM. So I say “Thanks very much!” ;):up: with an implied “What took you so long?”

I inherited several dozen Pepwave MAC BR1s that were installed on harbor vessels in geographically separated cities by former employees who didn’t believe in documenting their work. This saves me having to visit each machine to get the ICCID off the SIM, then use this to elicit the account reference phone number from AT&T, which can take days. It also helps when someone swaps a SIM or a whole Pepwave unit.