Tether Verizon AC791L to On The Go and Wired Connection (ethernet) To Macbook Pro)

Can the Surf On The Go router accept tether from Verizon AC791L and then connect via wire to a laptop? In this instance a wireless connection by the router is not needed. Basically the question involves wired connections to the router if it can tether the AC791L.

Also, can the router be configured for OpenVPN with no connection until vpn is connected?

Yes you can USB tether the AC791L to the SOTG and then connect the laptop via Ethernet. I don’t quite understand your other question…

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I want the AC791L to supply Internet through tethering to the SOTG and then the computer receives the Internet from the SOTG via wired ethernet, ie, no wireless connection except the cellular link to Verizon by the AC791L. That’s the question.