Test Settings Change

A lot of the Peplink products I manage are at remote sites. It would be nice if there was an option to makes settings changes and in the event it causes you to lose connection to the device after 2 minutes the devices change the settings back if there are not confirmed in that time frame.


What he said!

This was rolled out as a feature of IC2 recently I think. So if IC2 pushed a new config and the device loses connectivity the device config rolls back.

You’d think we’d be a heartbeat away from that working at a device level too.

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I agree I would expect this to be a feature on the device level first before something like this would be available on IC2.

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That would be a supet helpful feature! Avoids having to ask the customer to go reboot it on site for you too.

We have latest improvement for IC2 version 2.8.1 & 2.8.2 :



Reference :kissing_heart:

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That’s handy to see that its available via IC2 but this needs to be a feature on the device its self for equipment that doesn’t have a IC2 subscription.