Terminal Block Connector on MAX BR1 ENT

I’m ordering a BR1 ENT, and I would like to find documentation on the terminal block connector. It has the following connections: VCC GND TX RX RTS CTS

I assume the first two are power, but what are the others? Can I hook this directly to vehicle power or does it need any kind of line conditioning in front of it? Should the input power line be fused? If so, what fuse should be used? I can’t find any documentation about the terminal block. Thanks for any help.

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VCC and GND are voltage and ground for the DC input voltage.
The other pins are for RS232 serial. TX is send, RX is receive and RTS/CTS is for hardware flow control.
For power you only need to connect VCC and GND.

A BR1 Ent supports a wide voltage range of 10-56V DC so you should be fine to connect direct to an onboard battery. However I always tend to stick a buck boost voltage regulator inline to be extra safe and protect my MAX routers from human or environmental error.

Fuses in vehicles are there to protect the cabling primarily on shorting events, all DC cabling should be fused back at the distribution board. A BR1 is MAX 16W @ 12V nominal (max 1.4A) so a 5A Fuse as close as you can to the BR1 on the positive wire will be fine. Although if you are using a regulator you don’t need a Fuse to protect the BR1 as that will protect it.

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Fantastic info, thanks @MartinLangmaid !

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