Temperature-based shutdown?

does the max hd4 have sort of temperature-based management in order to turn off the device if the measured temperature exceeds a certain limit?
If not can it build with external SSH commands? (measure temperature and if > x shutdown)

Do you have more info for your use case ? Operation temperature for HD4 is between -40° to 65°. You have harsh environment existed that ? Do note that the above is the environment temperature .

it is a requirement for a project we want to participate

Integrated temperature management with temperature detection outside the programmable range and automatic switch-off protection

Usually, - I guess - this is provided by sort of a hardware watchdog acting independently of the firmware/operating system
But it should also work when we can query the current device/board temperature and then turn of the device via SSH until next power cycle.

We’ve operated HD4’s in Northern Alaska at -40c and in the California desert at 45c and they’ve performed flawlessly.

That being said, you can query CPU temperature over SNMP and then have some logic to kill the power via a PDU, but I can’t imagine that you’d ever need to. (Fun fact, it will not report a CPU temperature below 0.)

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