Telnet across SpeedFusion VPN/different subnets


I’m trying to telnet from a network on a MAX that’s connected via SpeedFusion to a device connected to another MAX. Speedfusion VPN’s are setup through our Peplink Balance 380

Site 0:
Peplink Balance 380 gateway
all speedfusion connections are in the same profile

Site 1:
MAX HD2 gateway
Telnet client

Site 2:
MAX BR1 Pro gateway
Telnet host/destination

Every attempt to connect via telnet results in:
“Could not open connection to the host, on port ####: Connect failed”
or “timed out” using another client

Pinging between these devices works. Accessing/operating other devices across the speedfusion VPN works.

Anything I can do to direct/allow telnet traffic or prevent the telnet connection from timing out?


Hi Benjamin, I think the problem has depended on the firewall of the device on which you want to connect via telnet

check on the firewall of the device, if access via telnet is allowed from the other connected sites in vpn.


Telnet on site is possible, nothing blocked/no firewall on the device. Telnet only fails when attempting to telnet over Speedfusion


If Telnet is possible to the target device on the same site and you can ping target device from local device then I would suspect a firewall or Telnet service configuration issue that only allows connections from local network segment.

To prove this, on both Peplink devices navigate to the support.cgi page and start a network capture, then try and telnet to the target device. Then check to see what the telnet session flow is.