Tagging traffic


Is there a way to have the Balance 20 tag specific traffic as EF? I see in the QoS settings where you can prioritize DSCP EF traffic, but it doesn’t say how it knows what traffic to tag.


Peplink will not tag the DSCP value for the traffic.


That’s unfortunate… not being able to tag the traffic makes QoS over an MPLS connection useless… (our provider prioritizes traffic based on tagging). This will severely limit our Peplink rollout to only offices that use DSL or Cable.

Thanks for the response.



Question : is there a Peplink/Pepwave that can tag with DSCP the outgoing trafic?



We do not tag any packets with DSCP values, but we can prioritize the packets that are already tagged with the QoS engine.


Does Peplink propagate DSCP tags in a NAT configuration?