T-Mobile USB Stick with Max OTG

I have the Max On-The-Go and I’m using it with ATT and Verizon USB sticks without any issue.

I’d like to switch to T-Mobile because the data is so much cheaper but I’m having a tough time finding a USB modem that works with 4G T-Mobile.

This list only gives me one option for 4G, T-Mobile, in the US and it is the MF683 (T-Mobile Rocket 4G). It is impossible to buy this anywhere.

Has anyone gotten any other USB modems to work with PepWave and T-Mobile with 4G speeds?

Are there “Unlocked” USB modem sticks that work with T-Mobile and PepWave MAX OTG devices?

Help is much appreciated.



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i use a huawei e3276s-505 which i worked with peplink last year to get working but for some reason it is not on their supported list. it is getting flakey and i was just looking to see what new modems they have and like you i am surprised that they don’t seem to have any modems for t-mobile.

For the unsupported USB modem, please follow the steps in the screenshot below.

This was published in the URL link below.

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Bumping this up. Is there a good USB stick for T-Mobile US with LTE support across the bands? I can’t seem to find one. What are people out there using?? Thanks!

Well, I can give you one data point anyway … We have several routers using ZTE Rocket MF683 USB MODEMs. We use them with TMO M2M-plan (64kb/sec limited) SIMs. In addition to M2M applications the use of these provide a means to “call for help” via e-mail in the even to WAN or PepVPN failure, etc. We have not used them for higher throughput applications, however. But for our use they work superbly and the cost of the MODEM and the TMO M2M service is so low as to be almost negligible.

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