T-Mobile and MAX BR1 MK2 LTEA


I go through a “Unlimited Internet” carrier, Travel Data - and have recently come up with a problem with my T-Mobile service they offered; effectively rendering it completely useless. Per this company, as of January 31st TMobile is now requiring all BYOD devices such as this MAX BR1 MK2 to be able to support their “VoLTE”. The brief technical troubleshooting conversation was that the device needed to support IPv6… I’m not sure how accurate a statement this is, but with the new SIM my OOKLA speed test results were nominal, but ACTUAL speeds appeared throttled - like .5mbs.

I’ve seen similar posts regarding issues with T-Mobile. My previous SIM with the TMobile service worked great. When they shipped the new one, performance tanked.

Any insights are appreciated. About to buy a “supported” device and plug into the Pepwave’s WAN port…