"System Error" on Transit DUO

When we try to access a Transit DUO, we get a page with just “System Error” displayed in plain text. (see image bellow)
I’m trying to access via SpeedFusion but users trying to access the device locally get the same.
We had an issue earlier where devices could connect to the wifi but would not get an IP address (wifi and switches are not Pep but will be soon!) It seams like the DHCP server stoped giving out addresses.
Also, when we try to access via IC2, it always times out and we are unable to get to the GUI.
Its rather weird as the DUO is currently passing traffic and I can easily access the GUI’s of other equipment on the network via the SpeedFusion tunnel.
Device is responding to pings (without errors) via SpeedFusion and allowing pings to be pushed thorough to LAN devices

I have tried accessing from different browsers, different devices, clearing caches and even iPhones but cant get to the GUI to see what is really going on!

Any thoughts?

Over the past 48 hours, we have had to reboot this router four times to regain access to it.
We have now upgraded it to the Beta 7.1.1 and will see if that changes anything.

I would suggest downloading the Diagnostic Report and submit a ticket for us to take a closer look.


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It was submitted on Saturday. Ticket number PM’s to you

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