Syslog and SMTP route via VPN

I have the site to site VPN setup just fine using a Peplink Balance 380 and a Pepwave MAX 600. The only issue I find is that, although the machines connected to the Pepwave can route to remote addresses on the other side of the VPN, the Pepwave itself cannot route itself to the proper address. I only need it to work so that I can send myself email alerts and Syslog files to a remote server, but I don’t want to do that over a public IP. Is there a setting I have missed to route the Pepwave’s own queries?

Hello, I’m not sure I quite understand what it is you are asking. If you haven’t done so already, please start a support ticket by visiting the following:


The client machines on both sides of the established VPN connection can communicate with one another over the VPN. But when I try to get the Pepwave device to communicate with a device using a local IP address, it cannot do so. It attempts to route it over the internet. So the routing for the machines on the both sides of the VPN are being routed properly, but the Pepwave is not.