SysDescr, SysObjectID,... request got failed

the customer has a problem, please check and advise me.

Over the session, we tried to check the sysoid of the peplink load balancer but we could get it. While checking the device mib response for the RFC1213 standard mib for the SysDescr, SysObjectID etc…, the request got failed and the end devices was unable to respond to the OID’s. As discussed, kindly get in touch with the device vendor and check the SNMP configuration settings and fix the SNMP response issue. (screenshot attached for reference)

Once the issue is fixed, kindly get the response for the OID’s SysDescr and SysObjectID under the RFC-1213 MIB and share it with us including the set of MIB’s you have received from the vendor. We will forward it to our development team and add the device template in the default device template and release it in the official release.


Please use Peplink MIB for the available OID response. You can download Peplink MIB files using the following URL:

You can view the available OID using MIB browser.

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Thank you sitloongs,
Sorry for the delay, im waiting for customer feedback but they didnt yet.