Synology connection issue - Help on SOHO

All, newb here. Love this router but I cannot get my Synology DS212J to show up on my network now. Checked all the plugs and rebooted everything. Still no NAS listed. Help!

Hi. Let’s start with the obvious questions:

  1. Are the SOHO and the Synology set for DHCP?
  2. If not, has a static address been assigned to the Synology which is within the SOHO’s subnet but outside of DHCP range (if DHCP is enabled)?
  3. If answers to either of the preceding questions are yes, can you see the Synology on the SOHO at Status | Client List ?

Side note: Checking cables/connections is always a good first step. Seldom does Peplink/Pepwave equipment have to be rebooted (yet another good reason to buy good stuff). :sunglasses:

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  1. Yes
  2. The static address is outside the range. Server is Outside of range. How can I change this if this is already set in my Synology?

Thank you by the way!

Ah…I got it now. Thanks again so much!!!:grinning: